Last weekend The Michigan Wolverines cemented that they're clearly the Big Ten champs after achieving what would be back-to-back wins over their neighbors and rivals, the Ohio State Buckeyes with a dominating second half that showed Michigan outscoring the Buckeyes 28-3 en route to a 45-23 victory, getting their first win in Columbus since 2000.

The win was met, as expected, with a lot of excuses and outlandish explanations from Ohio fans, doing everything they could to downplay the victory, including one post in the Buckeye Talk group:

Michigan didn’t run over Ohio State or out-physical them. Stop saying that. They threw the ball to wide-open receivers.
And then had two big runs when OSU was gambling to get a stop at the LOS.
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I'm Sorry...What?

One of many people pointed out the silliness of this comment, using baseball as an example:

Minus those big plays it was close...ummm. but those big plays count. It's like saying we lost in baseball 15-4... But it was only because of 3 Grand Slams... Yes, but the homers count so... You know you got your butt kicked!

One Buckeye fan tried proving the point by posting how Ohio had better stats but left out the score, or second-half stats. Another one pointed out the hilarity, showing how the win shouldn't really count because of a technicality:

OSU Fan: Well technically, Michigan didn’t really win. They just scored more points is all. There should be an asterisk by the win.

After putting a beating on Michigan for the past 20 years, these back-to-back losses have clearly affected the Buckeye fans into delirium.

Detroit Wolverines, 1880s

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