Just yesterday we posted some of the information that boaters need to know to clear up confusion and, more importantly, keep from getting tickets for violating the Governor's order regarding the Coronavirus.  There were 3 important items in order to be compliant.  No motorized watercraft, you can have more than one person with you but they must be from your household and you have to be fishing.  As you might expect, some "sailors" aren't exactly staying in their lane.

detroitnews.com reported some of the recent encounters this past weekend on Michigan waters.  The DNR gave out over 300 warnings for 2 of the 3 items above and also for not social distancing.  Surprisingly, no one was given a ticket for a motorized craft.  Only a warning.  The DNR did issue 5 tickets but usually because they didn't heed the first warning.  All in all, the DNR either warned and/or cited 20% of the boaters they encountered.

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