Nov. 16th is National Fast Food Day, and say what you will about it, some of these spots are quick, convenient, and not so bad. Yes, it's not always the healthiest of options, but we live in a fast society these days, and it's important to conserve time when and where you can.

Michigan, actually, is home to a number of great Food chains, and not only created some of the most successful in the country, but has some regional options that blow the "big boys" out of the water.

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When I moved to Michigan, it was like a whole different world of Fast Food options. Chain stores I'd never seen before, and some I'd heard of, but never tried.

Now, of course, when you talk about Fast Food, you have to mention the big national names, and according to, Michigan's go-to for fast food chains is Taco Bell by a long shot. No. 2 was McDonald's and No. 3 was Burger King.

But Michigan is proud to have cultivated some of its own chain spots. Most notably, Domino's and Little Caesar's Pizza were both created in Michigan, and are now some of the biggest names in pizza around the world.

So we want to talk more about some of the best regional chains that Michigan has to offer, and maybe you didn't even realize that these spots were actually fast food chains, OR that they were based in Michigan.

Food Chains Based In Michigan

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