Governor Whitmer has signed a bill that allows college athletes to be compensated. It's the first time that athletes at Michigan post-secondary schools will have the opportunity to be paid for their sporting prowess.

Athletes will be able to use their name, likeness, image and reputation to make money. They won't be able to endorse or sign on with a clothing line if it competes with the schools athletic apparel contract. Students must disclose any contracts with the school before signing. House Bill 5217 protects college students from being prevented from playing sports if they're getting compensation for their sports skills. The bill does not establish the right for students to use trademarked names, symbols, intellectual property, and logos of schools, associations, or conferences.

The Bill was introduced in November of 2019 and finalized yesterday. Commenting on the bill, Governor Whitmer told WZZM TV

“For years we have all enjoyed the incredible talent of young athletes across the state. This legislation will change the lives of young men and women for years to come. I am hopeful that the NCAA will set a national standard so that all players across the country are afforded the same opportunities. As always stay safe and go green!”


Michigan is one of the first states nationally to pass this type of legislation. It will take effect on December 31, 2022. Go Sports!

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