This year on New Years Eve, we won't be outside huddled together to stay warm as we celebrate the new year. Going into 2021 with a positive mentality is going to be super important however, as this year we haven't had anything to celebrate. I've always found it cool that Michigan has different ways to ring in the new year depending on what city you're in. Other states like Ohio drop weird stuff like Popcorn, Sausage, and fly A Flying Pig on New Years, and Indiana has been known to drop a Watermelon Ball and an Indy Car to ring in the new year.

But what about Michigan? Well we can't out weird those two states but we can out-cool them with the list of things we've been known to drop. Some of the events are put on hold or are changed this year to accommodate for social distancing, but I'm hopeful we'll be gathered next New year's Eve in 2021 to have some fun. So here are some cool thing Michigan cities have or will be dropping on new years:

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Cool Things Michigan Drops On New Years Eve



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