Michigan Wolverines didn't do so well in this recent poll...or did they?

The Wall Street Journal recently asked 1,015 college football fans what teams they dislike the most.  Michigan ranked #5 on this list.  Check out the top (bottom) 5 below.

#1.  Alabama 16%

#2.  Ohio State 12%

#3.  Notre Dame 10%

#4.  Penn State 7%

#5.  Michigan 6%


The elephant in the room, other than Alabama, is that all of these team have one huge thing in common.  A history of dominance.  Well, Notre Dame dominated Michigan the entire game Saturday.  Here are the week 1 scores from 5 most disliked teams as well as other Michigan teams.

Notre Dame beat Michigan 24-17

Ohio State beat Oregon State 77-31

Alabama beat Louisville 51-14

Penn State beat Appalachian State 45-38

Syracuse beat Western Michigan 55-42

Michigan State beat Utah 38-31

Kentucky beat Central Michigan 35-20

It was a rough football day for all Michigan college fans except the Spartans.


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