My boss came across some valuable information and passed it along to me and it just so happened to stop me in my tracks. This wasn't anything that was terrifying or anything life-threatening, instead was something that blew my mind and made all the hairs on my body stand up and the goosebumps appear. The pride our state takes in education is fantastic and will undoubtedly take a hit after looking at this list. The information my boss passed along was directly tied to college education here in America, so surely Michigan will be involved right?

Well, there's a list that has been compiled of various institutions here in the United States based upon their level of admission difficulty. I would love to be able to tell you that every college degree means the exact same but that's not true, some school degrees hold a little more weight than others. The University of Michigan is one of those schools, let's see where they landed on this list.

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The list made by Niche coming from a CBS news article is composed of the top 50 hardest colleges to get into in the country. Instantly, I went through a mental list of the colleges in Michigan and the ones that I think deserved a spot or at least had a chance at a spot on the list. The U of M, Michigan State University(MSU), Michigan Tech(MTU), and Kalamazoo College(KC)  were the first few schools that came to mind. Obviously, there are a bunch of other schools that deserve a nod as well, but unfortunately, those schools and the ones above were all omitted from the list.


The top 50 list for the hardest schools in the country had a lot of familiar names but none from the glorious Great Lakes state. Although U of M, MSU, MTU, and KC didn't make the list it doesn't mean these schools are easy to get into or are any less of an institution. There were only 3 schools from our general area that made the list and one of them wasn't a surprise to me but may be a surprise to many others. The states of Indiana and Illinois show out for the Midwest as The University of Notre Dame, The University of Chicago, and Northwestern University all made the list.

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