Every day I wonder what kind of world we're living in.  Because of easy access to everything going on around us, we are inundated with horrific stories of brutality and stupidity.  In most cases it has to do with other human beings and, most troubling, to children.  In this case we're talking about a dog.  BTW, I've noticed that sometimes people feel worse about a situation like this than when it happens to a human being.  Why do you think THAT is?

According to our friends at clickondetroit.com, a black lab was found in the Hamtramck area with one of it's back legs amputated with what authorities believe were garden shears and a kitchen knife.  Are you kidding me?  What kind of ghoul does something like that?  Now, several people and agencies want to find the D-bag and press charges.  Get the rest of the story by clicking HERE and know that some of the pictures are disturbing.


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