Issuing a ticket to drivers who blow through school bus stop signs has always been a challenge. But a new law that goes into effect next week will eliminate one hurdle for police officers and help keep school children safe.

Two new laws will actually hit the book next week. Right now police officers in Michigan actually have to see a driver blow through a stop sign on an arm extended from the side of a bus in order to issue a ticket. The new law will afford officers the opportunity to ticket drivers who are caught on external cameras mounted on buses.

State Representative Jack O'Malley is the chairman of the House Transportation Committee. He has been behind the bill from the start.

“This rule, we hope, will increase enforcement [of the law], wake people up and we will see fewer instances of those stop arms getting run,” O’Malley said.

O'Malley has sponsored another law that will ban anyone from stepping onto a school bus without authorization. He says 'no trespassing' signs will be placed on bus doors in an effort to bring the same safety measures in place at schools to buses.

“It always happened at the school building," O'Malley tells Detroit's WXYZ-TV. "You try to go to your child’s elementary school and get in, you got to ring in and tell them who you are, they gotta buzz to let you in, why- safety.”

Both laws take effect on October 11. Violating either of the new laws can carry a penalty of up to $500.

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