Are you like me?  Do you drive in other states and get kind of "ragey" with they way those people drive?  It's one thing to complain about the people in your city or state that you drive with everyday and then realize they might not be as bad as the rest of the country.  But wait!  Our insurance is higher than any other state which allows the assumption that Michiganders are the worst drivers right?  WRONG!  VERY WRONG!

According to a study by Quote Wizard, an online insurance comparison marketplace I found on, not only are Michigan drivers ranked one of the best in the country, we're #1 baby!!!  That's right!  We received the honor and distinction because of fewer accidents, speeding tickets, DUI's, citations, and fatalities last year.  And in case you're wondering, Maine is the worst.  Suck it Maine!!!  You can check out the rest of the study and full list by clicking HERE.



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