Someone might want to remind Michigan that it's summer. Morning lows hit below freezing in parts of the Northern Lower Peninsula.

9&10 News reported that morning lows in the Grayling and Au Sable Valley areas of the state (this is the tip of the mitten about where the first knuckles of your middle and ring fingers meet) were below freezing today (June 26), not the type of weather you'd expect for June..

Someone forgot to inform Grayling and the AuSable Valley that it is now Summer time! 33 DEGREES in Grayling this morning! Temperatures as low as 30 degrees has been reported near the AuSable Valley!

Comments from hearty northern Michiganders on the 9&10 Facebook page told plenty of stories about chilly summers

Yeah, it was chilly this morning, here in Grayling. But, it's not the first time we have had cooler temps during summertime. In the 1940s, it snowed in northern Michigan, enough to make a snowman in certain places. I believe it was July when that happened. When I was in my early teens, living in Monroe County, we had to kick our furnace on, on the 4th of July. Was so cold out, we had to bundle into coats and blankets to watch fireworks!


I can remember having snow flurries at Higgins Lake in late 50’s on July 4th!!

Never fear, a heat wave is forecast for Michigan's Lower Peninsula with chilly Grayling seeing a forecast high of 96 on Saturday.

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