Michigan has an official state song, but in most cases, it is NOT the song we learned to sing in elementary school. Does anyone remember the words to that song?

"Michigan, My Michigan"

The song "Michigan, My Michigan" was written by Douglas Malloch. This is the song we all learned in elementary school and were told it was the "state song". I hate to be the one to break the news -- but that song is NOT the official "state song".

Here is the song "Michigan, My Michigan" that we thought was the official state song...

"My Michigan"

The song "My Michigan" was adopted as the "official state song" on May 21st, 1937. The terminology of the bill was actually changed from "the" to "a", but there has never been another song given the title of "state song" officially.

"My Michigan" was written by Giles Kavanagh and H. O'Reily Clint. The song was chosen to represent Michigan because it expressed the "hopes, ambitions, and pride of the people of the State of Michigan".

The song is rarely heard at any state occasions. Speculation is that avoids having to pay royalties to use of the song. The State of Michigan did not purchase the copyright to the song. It is possible the authors did not want to sell the rights to their song. The song also has not been released into the public domain. That won't happen until the end of the 70th year following the deaths of it's authors.

I couldn't find a video of the words and music, but here is what just the music sounds like...

The first verse of the song is:

All hail My Michigan, Flower of our Union Great!
Health to My Michigan, From the Upper to the Strait!
And may the wash of  your saltless seas,
While the zephyrs gently sway your trees,
Sing to you Michigan, Might in War and Right is Peace.

You can see all the words and sheet music here.

Now that we have both songs -- who wants to sing along?

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