We've all heard the stories of sailors, pilots, and boaters who have survived the strange phenomenon that occurs while in the Bermuda Triangle and the stories of those who never returned. Is it aliens?  Nobody can be sure, but it's still super spooky. What most people may not know is that Michigan has its own Triangle located on Lake Michigan according to WXYZ 4 Detroit. Don't Believe me? Let's take a look...

The Rosa Belle Ship Mystery: The story goes that 97 years ago, in 1921, 11 people inside the Rosa Belle ship disappeared and their ship was found overturned in Lake Michigan. What's strange was that their ship was later discovered to be in a collision even though no other ship recorded an accident nor was there any other wreckage found.

Captain George R. Donner's Erie Disappearance: While sailing his ship through icy waters, Captain Donner returned to his cabin on April 28, 1937.  Three hours later, a crew member went to alert the Captain that they were nearing the port, only to discover his door was locked. After busting down the door, he discovered the room was empty. No clues were ever found and the disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

Northwest Flight 2501: One of the oddest and most recognized oddities was the disappearance of Northwest Flight 2501 that went down in 1950 while carrying 58 people. At the time it was the deadliest commercial airline accident in history. The plane disappeared from radar shortly after the pilot requested to drop to 2500 feet because of " a severe electrical storm which was lashing the lake with high-velocity winds." The cause of this crash and wreckage still have not been found. Strangely, two hours after the last communication with flight 2501, two police officers reported seeing strange red lights in the sky hovering over Lake Michigan, then disappearing after ten minutes. Many believe a UFO may have had something to do with the incident.

Have you ever experienced anything weird in Lake Michigan?





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