Home Builders Association of Michigan says 94% of members have worksite safety plans for Covid-19 and have the necessary PPE to work when given the green light.

Home Builders Association of Michigan, the largest construction-related trade association, wants to get back to building the state's future. The group surveyed its members about job site plans and steps taken to protect workers and clients and they say the crews are ready to pour foundations, raise walls, put up trusses, hang drywall, pound nails, turn screws, dig, sand, cut, polish and sweat.

We want Governor Whitmer to know that the home building and remodeling sectors stand ready and able to return to the workplace in a safe manner. Although some are still struggling to find certain PPE products, our industry has been diligently preparing for a return to work. Home builder associations around the state have been working together to provide online training and resources for members and non-members alike.

-Jeff Tafel, HBA of Western Michigan CEO

The HBA also wants clients “to know and trust that the professionals working on their homes are using all the best practices when it comes to Covid-19 safety,” said Bob Filka, HBA of Michigan CEO.

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