Eddie Zajdel says it all began with a pile of dirt in his parents yard, and now a small scale baseball field hosts wiffle ball tournaments.

The slow developing project began in 2012, when Zajdel was just 14. He built a pitching mound so he and his friends could play wiffle ball (a smaller scale version of baseball, using a plastic bat and ball).

The move infuriated his dad, but soon Eddie was showing up at baseball fields around the area and dumpster diving for equipment.

“We would get some new feature like ..a net behind home plate or a fence, " Zajdel told TV 6.

Soon Zajdel was adding sod from Comerica Park where the Tigers play, and sinking his own money into the backyard playground, even though he has grown now and is a student at the University of Michigan.

"We made it professional and up to all MLB standards,” Eddie says, proud of his accomplishments, which have reached $10,000 in costs.

No word as to whether Eddie has had 'a catch' with his dad at the wiffle ball shrine like Kevin Costner did in 'Field of Dreams', and so far no dead Major Leaguers have strayed in from left field to play a game, but Eddie told USA Today that he sometimes reflects on his efforts to build the best wiffle ball facility in Michigan.

“Some nights when we’re out here sitting by the fire and the lights are on or when I see other people enjoying the field, it finally hits me,” says Kajdel. “It’s like, ‘Wow, this is actually pretty cool.’”

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