They say good fences make good neighbors. But when that fence is made out of poop, well, it's gonna be a bonified s--t show.

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Two neighbors near Ann Arbor in a farming community in Lodi Township haven't been able to settle their differences in a civilized manner, so one neighbor decided to build a poop fence. It's not really a fence per se, but a 250-foot wall of poop that divides the neighbors' properties.

It all started over a property line dispute

Wayne Lambarth tells Detroit's WJBK-TV that his grandfather developed the farmland about 100 years ago. The property has since been divided, but last year there was a dispute over the actual property line.

The wall of poop appeared shortly after that.

Lambarth's neighbor took a pause from his work only long enough to clarify one thing with the TV station.

"It's not a poop wall. It's a compost fence," the man said before getting back to work.

Can't you smell that smell?

Fox 2 spoke with Lambarth's tenants on Tuesday (4/27), one of the warmest days we've had so far in 2021.

"They are consistently ruining my morning as I walk out," Jaidyn Schwarzel said. "It's just a s--t pile over there."


"You can't leave the window open, because the whole upstairs will smell like it," Coyne Gatto added.


What can be done about it?

While the fence made out of poop is certainly a smelly nuisance, local officials tell Lambarth it's totally legal because it's on the other neighbor's property.


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