There are a whole bunch of strange things found in woods here in Michigan. Last year someone made us aware that there was an abandoned motel the middle of the woods in Johannesburg, MI, near Gaylord, which is the remnants of the Echo Valley Resort. More local to use, there's also a strange chimney located in the middle of the woods at the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery in Mattawan. It's always interesting to find out why these structures were once assembled in the woods.

Matthew Adams is a local resident who was walking around the Fred Meijer Trail in Greeenville, when he stumbled upon remains, which some thought to be a crematorium, a bunker, and maybe even a tomb in the Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan Facebook Group. This creepy looking entrance has been sealed off and some are wondering just what the heck it was used for:

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Kinda' looks like a bunker. The big tube may be a back exit with a ladder like a manhole. And the smaller elbow tube possibly a fresh air inlet? I've been in small similar ones

Another person seemed to have the answer though, which isn't as mysterious:

These are all access points for Wastewater valves and chambers. One pit still has a vent stack.

One person however pulled some history from Greenville's past which may be the explanation:

Greenville, MI has a lot of manufacturing history... apparently refrigerators since 1890, so my guess is something associated with manufacturing, might be sealed due to some kind of contamination issue, probably best to let it stay sealed...

What do you think it is?

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