For years we've seen the reports about a picture of Jesus on a piece of toast or the likeness of the Virgin Mary burned into a tree struck by lightening.  A lot of these claims were made when technology was at a point where you really had to try hard to make it seem real.  Now we have the means to create whatever we want on our phone.

So, what are we to believe when a man here in Michigan claims to have captured the existence of an angel hovering over his truck captured using a motion sensor camera?  And this isn't just any man; this is a pastor!  His name is Glen Thorman and he's the pastor at Jordan Rivers Church in East Jordan, MI.  By the way, the motion sensor camera is located on the church itself if that's going to help you believe what is recorded.  I personally believe in the existence of entities, like my relatives, that inhabit a part of the energy that is part of our mortal lives on earth.  And besides...if you can't believe a pastor, who are you going to believe. :)  Click HERE to see the evidence and get the rest of the story from

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