Just when supporters of legal recreational marijuana in Michigan thought that, despite the victory last November, there may never be a retail component to the process comes this latest turn. Remember, immediately following legalization, nearly every community in the state set recreational retail bans in place.  Now, 2 major incidences have brought things closer to the mainstream.  We heard earlier this week, for instance, that Kalamazoo County is taking steps to pave the way for retail sales and, just yesterday, another important piece of the puzzle was addressed.

detroitnews.com reported that the U.S. House passed a bill giving marijuana business access to banking.  You may not know that, because pot is federally illegal, proprietors of weed shops had to deal exclusively in cash due to federal banking laws prohibition.  Without the use of traditional banking for business, operating is both difficult and extremely dangerous in terms of these stores having piles of cash on the premises.  Get more information on the progress by clicking HERE.


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