Leading up to the 2017 meeting of Michigan and Michigan State, there were rumors that the schools' bands were working on a unified halftime show that would culminate in forming an outline of the state of Michigan. The show was spectacular as promised, but seen by only those in Michigan Stadium...until now.

The video, captured by MLive and shared on YouTube shows the entire 11+ minute combined performance.

The show starts with the bands separated by the 50-yard-line. The stadium announcer at the Big House opens the show saying "tonight we celebrate the state of Michigan" turns things over to Michigan State's band announcer to kick off the music and marching. About halfway through the show, the bands begin to mingle and march together.

The performance concludes with a redition of the 1812 Overture and the bands lock into the Michigan outline at 9:20.

Watch the show that should have been on television during halftime:

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