Grounding children when I was a kid was a whole lot easier; no phone calls meant you couldn't use the only phone in the house. No television meant you weren't allowed in the room with the only screen. That was it. But now that most Americans, including teens, are walking around with a personal communication and private movie theater in their pockets, parents have to get creative when imposing punishment. Just don't get arrested over it.

Back in April, Jodie May of Grandville, Michigan decided to teach her 15-year-old daughter a lesson and take the girl's iPhone after the teen got in trouble at school. The girl told her father, Jodie's ex-husband, who called the police and reported the punishment as theft. He made it sound as though Jodie had taken his property. The cops showed up, cuffed Jodie, separated her from her infant, kept her jail for two hours, and charged with two counts of larceny, which comes with a six-month prison sentence. Authorities never took the time to listen to Jodie's side of the story, and believe it or not, this case went to trial last week. In a moment of sanity, the presiding judge dismissed the charges just minutes in to the trial.

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