I was watching Stephen King's “Pet Sematary” movie the other day, which gave me the idea to find one of Michigan's pet burial grounds.

The Bay County Pet Cemetery is located at 3301 2 Mile Road in Bay City. It seems to have been around since the 1940s, as evidenced by some pet gravemarkers that go back to around 1947.

Like the movie, it is somewhat eerie, due to it being neglected for so long without maintenance....and just like in the movie, there's a path.

It's still an interesting place to see, where pet owners have paid homage and shown their love to their favorite pets on this neglected ground. There's nothing evil about it...and if you would like to contribute to some upkeep, that would be great. There are still some pet graves that have been grown over with weeds, grass, and fallen leaves that could be cleared.

Take a little roadtrip over there and see for yourself...pay respects to man's best friends: dogs, cats, and other animals.

Read more about it HERE, then take a look at the photo gallery below!


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