This Recreation Passport license plate isn't be offered by the Michigan Secretary of State. But it should be.

A group called Camp Michigan has proposed this design for a Michigan license plate that shows the vehicle owner has purchased the Recreation Passport, the yearly $11 add-on to your registration fee that allows you access to most Michigan State Parks an other Department of Natural Resources facilities.

Currently Recreation Passport holders have a small "P" printed on their registration tab. This sample plate would proudly show the vehicle owner is a visitor to and supporter of Michigan's state parks.

The proposed plate switches the traditional blue representing our Great Lakes and replaces it with a rich green for the verdant forests and a reddish lettering for the trees and campfires.

It's worth noting this mock is produced by a private organization and not official in any way. Generally the state legislature makes a law mandating a new license plate design, as they did recently authorizing tags for Detroit sports teams.

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