Are you kidding me?!

Somebody abandoned (?) a 1969 Plymouth GTX in Leelanau County. It was abandoned on private property and turned over to the Leelanau Sheriff's Office. According to, the sheriff will now be auctioning it to the highest bidder on the Michigan government surplus MITN website starting June 5th.

I have many questions: How did it become abandoned? Was there a crime associated with it? Did NOBODY research the car to find the owner or rightful heirs and offer to buy it? This car, restored, could be worth six figures. Again - ABANDONED?

We don't know much about the situation it came from. But the Leelanau Sheriff's office says the battery is missing (who cares?) and we don't know if the engine is in running condition (it will be) We do know the car looks like it's in decent shape from the photos the sheriff's office shared on Facebook. And they don't say this in the description, but it looks like this GTX is a convertible. There were only 700 GTX convertibles built that year. And if that engine is a Hemi....look out - this thing will go for some huge money.

I told my dad he shoulda bought one of these in 1969, when I was ten years old (I was really angling for a RoadRunner, but...) What did he buy? A Polara. Not cool. I'm still miffed.

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