Michigan set out to remind the nation that it is America's Winter Wonderland by becoming at least 97% snow covered in the week before Thanksgiving.

The National Weather Service snowfall cover maps shows that the state is nearly entirely snow covered. While many other states have seen snow this season only Michigan can display almost a complete snow cover.

Much of the Upper Peninsula has seen the kind of snow that likely means no sight of the ground until April while all of the mitten has seen some snow and most of it has stuck.

This map from Intellicast generated at 7AM 11/13/18 appears to show the entire state of Michigan is now snow covered. While many states have a great deal of snow cover, there are patches of brown (non-snow covered ground) in Illinois and Wisconsin. Even Vermont's extreme southeastern corner is snow-free. But all of Michigan is blanketed.

Welcome to the winter of 2018-2019. It's here.

snow cover map 11-13

[h/t reddit]

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