Just this week we heard about a fuel tax proposal that was getting bipartisan support in Lansing and something Governor Whitmer was also considering as viable.  Personally, I still think a 1 cent increase in the state sales would solve most of the problems before us.  I realize that the fuel tax is intended to affect only people who drive cars because the majority of the proceeds would go to fix roads and infrastructure used by drivers. But it's money out pocket which will affect everyone so why not let everyone who buys something in Michigan be affected?

This brings us to another solution that's been floated- toll roads.  They've been a part of Indiana, Ohio and Illinois for years and generate the necessary revenue, seemingly, to keep up with repairs.  And while I don't mind the tolls in those states because I have an I- Pass, I worry how my daily commute would be affected since I use I-94 from Oakland to Sprinkle to and from work everyday.  Of course, I guess could take the side roads.

At any rate, there's a Michigan lawmaker who would like the state to reconsider toll roads.  In an article on clickondetroit.com, Rep. Ann Bollin of Brighton is behind the amendment that would require MDOT to study whether toll roads would be a reliable source to finance roadway infrastructure.  Get more details by clicking HERE.

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