Michigan's upper peninsula has been given the honor of having the most strange tourist stop in the state. MoneyWise recently ranked odd tourist spots in the United States with an article titled 50 Road Trips for 2019: The Oddest Tourist Spot In Every State.

For Michigan, the winner was Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, located in Ishpeming. The sign alone let's you know you're in for something strange with the caption "Free Admission - Free Bathrooms".

Here is what the article had to say about it:

Michigan's Upper Peninsula, or U.P., has a culture all its own, which is showcased with self-deprecating Yooper humor at this roadside attraction in Ishpeming. Da Yoopers Tourist Trap fully embraces all the hunting, beer-drinking, toilet-humor stereotypes of the U.P. and boils it all down for visitors. Giant one-of-a-kind "Yoopervations" like Big Gus, a 23-foot long chain saw, are must-sees. Admission is free.

According to an article by Roadside America, this is also the home of world's largest working rifle called 'Big Ernie', which once is said to have fired a rock wrapped in duct tape a whopping 2.5 miles. Only in the U.P, eh?

If you can't make the trip anytime soon and want to experience <or> if you want to plan a trip there and know what you're in for, check out this video of a visit there by a YouTube user named The Carpetbagger:

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