Just when I thought I was getting the hang of becoming a "Michigander," it turns out it might not be that simple.

A tweet sent out by a Michigan Riley Beggin, a Washington Correspondent for the Detroit Times on Friday that has the population of the Mitten absolutely SHOOK, and asking the question, what are we?

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The tweet was in regards to current Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announcing that he was now a resident of the State of Michigan.

Nothing really out of order, EXCEPT... that fourth word... 

Is that how Beggin really identifies residents of Michigan? In the few months I've lived here (and even the years ahead of my move to the Mitten), I've ALWAYS been told it's "Michigander." Yet, here is a member of the media, who has worked with the Detroit Press for YEARS, telling me, and millions of others, to the contrary.

Understandably, she got a lot of heat online.  


There's even a Michigan transplant we wrote about a few months ago, George Peter Block Jr., that feels SO strongly about it being "Michigander," that he wrote music about it.

It seems there are some other acceptable terms people use to call themselves natives of Michigan.


So overwhelmingly, the masses still believe us to be "Michiganders," yet for some strange reason, people are coming to her defense.

But nonetheless, even Beggin stuck to her guns, doubling down, and even blaming her employer, the Detroit News, for this blatantly disrespectful term.  

All due respect Miss Beggin, but I, too, worked for a news organization in a past life, and knew when to buck the system because it was the RIGHT thing to do. And when I made a grave error, I didn't blame my employer, I owned my mistake.

But some of the responses online do beg the question... is it at the VERY least acceptable to refer to someone as a "Michiganian," or God forbid... a... "Michiganite?"
*dry heaves*
...oof... sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little bit there.

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