I love Mexican food so much that I could eat it every single meal. My wife Lindsey however is not a big fan of how gassy I can get so that hasn't happened in our house yet.

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One of my favorite Mexican foods to enjoy is a burrito. There are limitless possibilities for what you can put inside. I love mine stuffed full of steak, cheese, beans, guac, and rice topped with some sour cream and hot sauce.

Michigan's "Best Burrito" Is Filled With Some Unexpected Ingredients

Who has the "Best Burrito" in Michigan? When I saw Eat This Not That came out with a list of the "Best Burritos" in each state I thought maybe it could be The Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids because they're known for their famous wet burrito. But when I found out who had the "Best Burrito" in Michigan and what they put inside of it I was surprised.

Michigan's "Best Burrito" Can Be Found In Caledonia

My first guess of The Beltline Bar was close seeing as it's also located in West Michigan. According to Eat This Not That, Michigan's "Best Burrito" is at Jaku Sushi & Grill located in Caledonia. Yes, you read that right, Michigan's "Best Burrito" is at a Sushi place and not a Mexican restaurant.

What Did Eat This Not That Say About The Burrito At Jaku Sushi & Grill?

The best burrito in Michigan being at a sushi restaurant wasn't on our bingo card, but the extensive sushi burrito menu is mouthwatering. Jaku offers 15 types of burritos, with one reviewer saying "the flavor seriously knocked my socks off. The rice was perfectly sticky and tasty and the burrito had just enough crunch to balance the fish and light wrap of the seaweed."

I've never eaten at Jaku Sushi & Grill but now I've gotta give this burrito a try.

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