We all enjoy 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' every September 19th.  Heck, for some every day is talk like a pirate day.  Plus you've got all the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movies that have been so successful.  So maybe you're just not getting enough swashbuckler in your everyday diet and you need a whole festival.  Something that hits the spot and marks it with an X.  Somewhere you can find a treasure of things to do.  Alright...I'll try to keep the puns to a minimum.

Well according to petoskeynews.com, there is an official Pirate Festival coming to Michigan and Boyne City specifically.  The question is: are there enough pirates in Michigan and around the Midwest to make this a huge event.  Organizers say:  The festival has a full weekend of family-friendly events planned and will officially kick off during the Boyne City Stroll the Streets on Friday, Aug. 10, with a fleet of schooners sailing in and landing in Boyne City filled with pirates.  Get more of the details by clicking HERE.

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