One of the good things about getting snow is the pastime of building snowmen. But, sometimes we don't get a lot of snow, so supplies can be limited. Such was the case for the U.S. National Weather Service in Gaylord, Michigan. But they used what they had and delivered Michigan's first snowman of the 2018 Winter. Here it is:

Okay, so it isn't the most impressive snowman we've ever seen, but at least they're making the best out of the weather that they are receiving. We should be lucky we haven't started to see snow down here in Kalamazoo yet. According to multiple people on the Facebook post thread, there was a light build-up of snow in Mancelona, Lovells, and other nearby areas.

Let's just enjoy what little bit of Fall weather we have left down here, because before too long we will be once again living in a winter wonderland.



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