Attorney General Dana Nessel has just released the 2020 dangerous toys guide. Do not give these 10 gifts this Christmas.

Toys are meant to be fun, not dangerous. That statement sounds rather obvious, but every three minutes a child is treated in a U.S. emergency room for a toy-related injury and last year, 12 children died. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have jointly issued the 2020 Dangerous Toy Guide.

Parents must exercise caution when purchasing toys for children this year as some of the traditional safety protocols that we’ve become accustomed to may have been compromised due to COVID-19. My office is committed to protecting consumers from a variety of concerns, and I urge anyone who’s shopping for toys to do their research and review the guides and tips on how to safely make purchases. There is a lot of information to help consumers this holiday season, including my office’s 2020 Dangerous Toy Guide.

-Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys 2020

  1. Ron Jon Surf Shop Sippy Cup | toxic lead
  2. Morfboard Skate & Scoot | falling hazard
  3. Super Soaker XP20 & XP30 | toxic lead
  4. Thule Sleek Stroller | injury hazard
  5. Salt Lounge Chairs | falling hazard
  6. Go Forward carrier | falling hazard
  7. Graco Little Lounger Seat | suffocation risk
  8. Manhattan Ball | chocking hazard
  9. Teething Spoons | choking hazard
  10. Children's Grocery Cart | laceration hazard

As you can see, not all of these are toys, but all are intended for use by children. Some items are improperly constructed or poorly designed and may collapse or come unbuckled, which could lead to injury. Tap or click HERE to go to the complete report from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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