The main access road is seven miles of rutted gravel, and the only way to get to the campsites is by foot. Welcome to Craig Lake State Park.

If you wagered that such a park would be in the western Upper Peninsula, you would be right. Craig Lake State Park is accessible by the aforementioned gravel road off US 41 about 45 miles west of Marquette.

The park offers 374 acres, six lakes (which feature six islands) and high granite bluffs. All of the 22 campsites are only accessible by hiking, although a few are short distance from the main road.

Five of the six lakes only allow paddle transportation, and the bass fishing rule is artificial lures only, and you must put all bass back after catching them.

That bring said, Craig Lake is the perfect getaway if you want to legitimately get away. There is no cell service, or Wifi in the rental cabins or yurts.

One camp site, the number nine, is considered one of the best in Michigan, but getting to it can be tough.

According to one Facebook visitor the site is located in a hard to reach place:

I had become aware of a legendary site called Craig Lake #9 that’s been described as the single most beautiful of the thousands of Michigan State Park campsites. On a narrow bedrock peninsula sticking out into the center of the lake. No trails to it. Reached cross country or by canoe.

Take the trail up the east side of the lake. Cross a quarter mile of swamp. Climb the ridge that makes up the backbone of the peninsula. Keeping track of the overgrown trail actually ends up being just as challenging as relying on GPS off-trail. Several times I need to stop and back up. The wet area never goes past my shins.

The park was founded after the State bought land from Miller Brewing kingpin Fred Miller in the 1950s. Miller named three of the lakes, including Craig, after his kids, and one lake, High Life, after the popular beer.

Here's a look around the rustic beauty of Craig Lake State Park.

And here's a look from a drone camera when the leaves were just beginning to turn.

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