Bad news for the Detroit Tigers as Miguel Cabrera will miss the remainder of the season with a ruptured bicep tendon.  With him out are you done watching the Tigers this year?

In a way the Tigers had a preview of what it is like without their star playing when Cabrera spent most of May on the disabled list.

That was for one month who knows how they will do for the remainder of the season.   Stepping in at first base will be John Hicks who filled in for Cabrera during his time on the dl.

According to latest standings from M-Live, the Tigers are in 3rd place in the Central Division with a 31-37 record.   The team has been a little better then most have predicted them to be.

With their biggest name now out for the rest of the season are you still interested in watching this team?   Will you go to Comerica Park to see this team play?

I personally will continue to watch as I am a fan and want to see many of their minor league talent come up and make an impact.    So far this team has been interesting to watch and who knows maybe they will surprise us all and finish with a decent record.

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