We were hoping outdoor activities would be low-risk, but Portage has closed the ice rink in an "abundance of caution," as Michigan's COVID-19 numbers remain high.

It's not like there is a lot of snow anyway, but it seems temperatures have been cold enough that ice may be viable at the Millennium Park Ice Rink near the mall in Portage. Whether there is ice or not, the City of Portage has closed the rink indefinitely.

In an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of city staff and patrons, the Millennium Park Ice Rink will remain closed while COVID-19 numbers remain steady in the region. We understand and recognize the desire to open the ice rink and will continue to monitor the virus spread. We will re-evaluate the closure as conditions change. Thank you for your patience as we work through the pandemic together.

-City of Portage via Facebook

Understandably, residents are disappointed. Some are quite understanding, and one even had what could be a viable solution: half-hour family rentals. Andrea B suggested, "Maybe the city could create an online sign up that would let families rent the rink in half-hour increments. That way people could have a healthy activity option that still provides distancing from those not in your household."

Like the igloos, pods, tents and shanties restaurants are using, this seems like a great idea, although implementation and enforcement may be a larger issue for the City. Stay safe and stay warm for now. Keep masking up, socially distancing and washing your hands and maybe we'll be ready for together fun by baseball season.

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Millennium Park- Portage

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