No one has seen Kalamazoo man Jayme Bryant since June 29th of 2013. The last any family members knew he had been hospitalized with symptoms of pneumonia, and had sustained some injuries from a fall previously to his illness developing. He was supposed to return to the hospital the following day, doctor's orders, but he never showed up. He simply seemed to have vanished in to thin air, leaving not a single trace or clue to his whereabouts. Running in to dead end after dead end, his family set up the Help Us Find Jayme Bryant Facebook page in hopes that someone - ANYONE - might have information or leads to help them find their loved one.

More than seven years after his disappearance, a popular missing persons podcast, The Vanished, featured Jayme Bryant's story on their September 28th, 2020 episode. It featured details of Bryant's life, his nomadic lifestyle, and different theories regarding his disappearance, including being seen at Electric Forest 2013 just a day after he'd gone missing (though that info could not be corroborated). This case is still very much open and very much at the forefront of the minds of Jayme Bryant's family and friends. Anyone with information regarding Jayme Bryant, his current whereabouts, or clues to his behavior leading up to his disappearance could certainly help his family and detectives on the case.

Click here to listen to the full episode of The Vanished's feature of Jayme Bryant.

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