It is always interesting to see the 1st voting totals when they are released for the MLB All Star Game.   The numbers for both leagues released this week and the fans of the Royals and Cubs are voting.

According to Bleacher Report, The Royals had many players lead in the voting last season.  This year it's the same deal with Salavador Perez, Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer near the top of their positions.   The Cubs are seeing Royal like totals as Anthony Rizzo leads the NL in votes.  Four other Cubs among the leaders in votes for the NL.

As for Detroit Tigers players, Miguel Cabrera is second in voting for First Base.   Ian Kinsler, (who should be considered for the game) isn't even listed among the top 5 for Second Base.  Victor Martinez and Nick Castellanos are the only other Tigers who have received votes.

The numbers will change as more people vote.  So if you think the Tigers are not getting enough love vote.    You can cast your votes for the MLB All Star Game at the link below.


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