A state representative in Montana recently made news considering a new song for that state. Michigan desperately needs to follow suit and find a new official state song.

Ask a Michigander what the state's official song is and they may guess "Michigan, My Michigan." Good guess, but wrong. The current official state song, according to a 1937 act of the state legislature is "My Michigan."

Never heard it? No one else has either. The song is not in the public domain and the rights-holders don't appear to be too willing to allow the song to be made public.

In Montana the current state song is a 1945 composition called "Montana." The song situation in Big Sky County is a little different. They are not looking to replace their current state song, but add to it. Currently the state has an official lullaby and a state ballad. The new proposal would make a song called "Hippy Hippy Shake" the state's official rock-and-roll song.

Back home to Michigan. Yes, we should replace "My Michigan," the official state song that no one has ever heard. I can't share with you any lyrics or a YouTube video, because no one can.

Although, and you can debate me on this, "Michigan, My Michigan" may not be much better. The song is set to the tune of "O Tannenbaum" aka "O Christmas Tree." We can't do better than that?

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