Today is the anniversary of when Motley Crue formed back in 1981.  On this anniversary I take a look back at the only time I ever saw the band live, their 2005 show at Van Andel Arena. 

2005 was my first year in Kalamazoo and I was still on Weekends.  Being pretty low on the radar I didn't expect to get to go too many shows.   It turns out there were plenty of tickets so I was offered a chance to go.

The show was on April 27th, 2005 in Grand Rapids and it turned out that this show was filmed for a DVD.   The DVD was released as "Carnival of Sins: Live" in 2006.

The setlist for this show featured all of their greatest hits.  It also featured the 2 new songs that were released at the time from, "Red, White And Crue".

Tommy Lee had a drum solo that featured him suspended by a harness above the stage.   It was before his roller coaster drum kit.  This was a bunch of metal objects that he would hit with drum sticks.

Nikki Sixx also had a solo feature where he was  playing a Theremin.

It was a great effort from the band and thought all of them were great.  If there were any issues it was with Vince Neil's voice.

Motley Crue retired at the end of 2015.  If that was truly it for the band I was glad I at least saw them once.

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