Another Grammys show has passed and while most people either ignore or talk about the main show,  I was more interested in the awards that were not on the main show.

This year the Grammys changed the name of their pre-awards to  the premiere ceremony.  It was streamed on the Grammy website.

I have tried watching this in recent years but had issues with the stream.  This year I had a chance to watch the majority of the premiere ceremony.  This show is were the majority of the awards are given out.    The ceremony was hosted by Reggae artist, Shaggy.

The performances featured artist you would never see on the regular show.  They featured genres like Jazz, Latin and New Age.    One thing I used to like about the Grammys is that they would try to include all of the genres.  In recent years they have moved most of the lesser known ones to this show.

This show is interesting watching the winners run to the stage from the very back to speak very briefly about their win.  You will also get the occasional mic cut or the camera cutaway when they talk to long.

I also found it interesting to see presenters like Questlove and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm give out awards to genres of music you would never think they would talk about.

My favorite premiere ceremony moment would be the acceptance speech of Best Contemporary Blues Album winner Fantastic Negrito.  He thanked a local bank who gave him a loan because he had bad credit.

The regular Grammy telecast is usually a mess, but if you want to see actual awards given out and see many of the forgotten artists of music watch the premiere ceremony.


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