It has been open since September and finally My wife and I had the chance to check out the Red Wings at the new arena.

Here it is the brand new arena in Downtown Detroit.  I was one of those fans that was sad to see the Joe Louis Arena and The Palace go.   We now have this new arena that replaces both.

The first place my wife and I checked out was Mike's Pizza Bar.  If you get there early enough, you can eat in there before games.   We got there too late and ended up standing around.    It ended up being a 30 minute wait, guess will have to check it out next time out. We eventually got let in and got to check out the massive concourse that is in the arena.

There are all sorts of things to see in the concourse from Red Wings and Pistons player manhole covers, to the old player statues from the Joe to the old Olympia letters.  We spent time walking around the concourse checking out everything.   That is also a good time to see all the food that was around.

Food is not cheap here in fact nothing really is.   The parking lot by the arena is $40 bucks.  We ended up parking down the street by the theaters.  Cheaper and was easier to get out to I-75.

Once in the arena, you see the huge video board which at times i had to tell myself to actually watch the ice for the game.   Something to remember if you go, the board is blocked by the gondola seating on both sides.   They do have video screens so you don't miss it.

We were in the upper section and one complaint on this arena is the way they set up this section.  It is steep and there isn't much leg room at all.  They should of took out a row and it would be fine.  They did add cup holders though but they are low to the ground.

Overall I liked the new arena it just had a few flaws that I hope with time will not be an issue or will get fixed.

I will have to go for a concert and a Pistons game to see how that varies with a Red Wings game.

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