Watch the camper that mysteriously appeared on a sandbar months ago in the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana, get swept away by raised water levels.

There have been a series of very strange events happening at one specific spot on the Ohio River just outside of Evansville, Indiana.  A couple of years before this crazy camper magically appeared on the sand bar a large truck appeared in that same spot.  That large truck apparently attracted a party.  Tanner Holbrook, a journalist out of the Hoosier state was able to track down the owner of that truck to find out how the man got his vehicle across the Ohio River onto that sand bar.  The owner of the truck claimed he filled his tires with Helium and floated.

Tanner Holbrook on TikTok
Tanner Holbrook on TikTok
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Why is this camper getting so much attention?  First of all, it's a mystery as to how the camper got to the sand bar in the first place.  It's been there for a couple of months causing potential problems for large barges that use the waterway to transport goods.  Photos and videos began to surface of the camper after someone put a large sign on it that read, "Poon Saloon."

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers found more than just the camper when they inspected the site Wednesday according to the Courier and Press,

Information identifying the allegedly responsible party, who also left a table, generator, and other materials at the sandbar along with the camper, was found during an inspection of the site.

State and Federal agencies were making plans to remove the mysterious party camper when mother nature stepped in to lend a hand.  Wednesday morning, July 27th, the water level of the Ohio River at Evansville was just under 15 feet according to the National Weather Service.  Then the water level began to increase rapidly.  As of 7 AM on Monday, August 1st, the water is just under 23 feet deep.  Which lead to mother nature taking that camper for a ride.  The first video below is drone footage of the camper before the water level rose.  The second video shows the camper falling victim to a rapidly increasing water level in the Ohio River.

The Evansville Watch Facebook page posted a video of the camper being swept away by the heavy current.

Before it was swept away, the camper with a tacky name began to take on water and was surrounded by people saying their goodbyes.

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