In an effort to make sure children in hard-hit areas of Kentucky received Christmas gifts, Michigan residents step up to help.

Kentucky was clearly hit the hardest by the widespread wall of tornadoes that hit the Southern region of the United States on Friday, December 10th.  Towns like Dawson Springs were almost entirely wiped out.  The latest update out of Mayfield, Kentucky from WLKY reports that 16 people are still unaccounted for and 76 are dead in that state alone.  Hundreds of homes were completely wiped out.  Debris flew over a hundred miles.  That includes Christmas gifts.

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Swath Of Tornadoes Tear Through Midwest
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A nonprofit group based in Lansing, Michigan reached out to the community for help immediately after the tornadoes devasted Kentucky.  Homeless Angels created drop-off sites in Williamston, Michigan and asked people on Facebook to donate toys for the children of Mayfield, Kentucky.  People came through big time.

The outpouring of love and donations did not stop there.  Not by a long shot.  Flight # 2 is already in the works.

If you want to help or want more information on this non-profit, you can check out Homeless Angels on Facebook by clicking here.

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