The Native Howl have been gaining some serious momentum over the past year. In early 2022, they won Parader's No Cover Competition in front of judges Gavin Rossdale, Lzzy Hale, Tosin Abassi, Bishop Briggs, and fellow Michigander, Alice Cooper.

As a result, they played multiple festival dates, opened on a Massive World Tour, and secured a recording contract with Sumerian Records, which they are beginning to fulfill now, in studio... using instruments that the Foo Fighters used.

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The band recently started posting about their "Thrash Grass" journey into the studio, and announced they would be working with producer Jay Ruston, who has worked on albums with Billy Ray Cyrus, Mr. Bungle, Avatar, Corey Taylor, Fall Out Boy, Coheed and Cambria, Amon Amarth, and even Anthrax.

So, to say The Native Howl found a good one to work with, is an understatement. But the news gets even better, as they posted photos walking into Studio 606 in Los Angeles. Studio 606 just happens to be owned by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, and if you've ever seen the "Sound City" documentary that he did, you'll recognize the equipment, and the massive Neve Console they're using for this album.

That board, and that studio combined have put out more Gold and Platinum records than any person could fathom. Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, ALL of those names, and so many  more, have recorded either on that board, or in Studio 606.

So the stakes are already high enough, but maybe a little sugar on top, the guys in The Native Howl posted about some of the instruments they'd be using to record the album.

That drum kit was used by the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and the late Taylor Hawkins, to record any number of songs for some of their albums.


The guys are also using a Steinway Piano that the Foo Fighters have in Studio 606 as well, which you can see them play on.

So to say The Native Howl are living their best lives right now... might just be a bit of an understatement.

Can't wait to hear what they bring for us on this new album. Until then, check out their video for "Sons of Destruction," which was released in August after their win on No Cover.

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