Of all the interesting Michigan city names, Hell is probably the most popular. Many couples have gotten married in the town in the winter because "Hell finally froze over." Road trippers make a detour to take a picture of the "Welcome to Hell" sign. So it's no wonder that the small town caught the eye of Netflix executives working on their comedy channel, "Netflix is a Joke." Not only will they film in Hell, they'll also film in Weed, California, Knockemstiff, Ohio, and, of course, Climax. This doesn't just mean great publicity for these towns, it could mean free food for you...

If you are lucky enough to spot the Netflix truck out and about in Hell, you'll get yourself free pork and beans (with coleslaw and cornbread) from the Hell Hole Bar every day they're in tow  (from 11:00am to 5:00pm) or an ice cream treat from Screams Creamatory Friday only. So tell someone to "go to Hell" today and cross your fingers they'll be winners.

Of course, Hell is more than just a funny name for a town. It's a great little place to take a day trip. They have hiking trails, one of the largest mini-golf courses in the country, and a whole lot of charming town folk taking the name Hell in stride. And it's not that far from Ann Arbor! So you can have a day-venture in Hell and be home in time for a heavenly night's sleep.

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