It seems like once a month something happens and we think: "What is the world coming to?"  An occurrence of some sort will cause us to exclaim: "I never saw something like that coming."  It's usually something that was intended for one purpose that comes off the rails into something else.  That is surely the case with people stealing packages of of other peoples' porches.  Of course, stealing isn't anything new but the circumstances have created other new things like porch cameras.  Well now comes 2 new bills that are designed to try and stop porch piracy.

Maybe it's just me but I thought there was already a law...Ya know, stealing from somebody.  but apparently or lawmakers needed more legislation.  In an article on, Governor Whitmer sign not one but 2 bills into law to protect against mail theft which, again, was already covered by other laws.  These specifically enact "The Mail and Mail Depository Protection Act".  Wanna know more about them?  Click HERE.

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