This is an interesting time to be opening a new restaurant, not just in Kalamazoo, but about anywhere. With staffing shortages and issues, to threats of Covid variants, if not shutting everything down again, at least making going out dicey, there are any number of reasons why a business would just decided to metaphorically throw up their hands and say we'll pass on this until we are really out of the woods and things are really normal.

But Greenleaf Hospitality Group just announced the new restaurant for the space that was Zazios for many years. Brick and Brine will be opening later this year.

Brick and Brine, a release says, will feature "New American fare, masterfully crafted cocktails, a variety of seating options, and a warm social atmosphere with an open-air concept – the first of its kind in downtown Kalamazoo."

Brick and Brine's Facebook and Instagram really don't have anything more than what's in the release. But it does list $$$ signs, indicating upscale prices.

The previous restaurant in this location, Zazios, closed on November 14th of 2020, after approximately a sixteen year run. That concept featured not only table seating but also a "stadium" type setup with a chef cooking in front seated patrons, and being to able comment and have a running dialog with those dining.

Webster's continues as the upscale restaurant at the Kalamazoo Radisson, breakfast is served at The Morning Dish, and Old Burdick's continues as the sports bar and grille on the street level.

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