There's a palpable excitement surrounding Michigan.  Are you ready for this? There's a new flavor of Vernors coming this August to Michigan (and also that city south of Detroit, Toledo, Ohio). In fact, it's the first new flavor of Vernors in some fifty years.

This will please those who agree with the MetroTimes, which in its "20 Unwritten Rules Of Detroit" said it plainly. "Vernors is Medicine", 'Nuff said.

The only downside in this revelation is it's one of those "for a limited time only" deals, and if you're an expatriate of Michigan, you're going to need help from somebody "on the inside" (of the state) to score you some.

(MetroTimes via Instagram)

According to the Detroit Free-Press via Yahoo, Vernors Black Cherry will be available in 12-pack, 2-liter, and 20-ounce bottles in regular version only, That's the word from Elizabeth Hensen, market development manager for Keurig Dr Pepper, in Holland, Michigan.

Henson, who is based in Massachusetts, as is Vernors' parent company, also made the glaring mistake of referring to it as "black cherry ginger soda",as do the can and plastic bottle, when any good Michigander knows it's "Pop". But the guess here is most will forgive the faux pas after getting a taste of the new variant.

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This news is also exciting for another reason. August is usually a down month, in that the summer heat starts getting to you, and this new pop will help quench that, and it also means the start of school and with it shorter days. But now you'll have this to look forward to.

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