Do you go down internet rabbit holes? I do all the time. I'll be looking for one thing, then I'll see something that will trigger another thought, and off I go looking for that. Thanks, Google, and thanks iMdB.

So this journey started with an update found on Facebook from Byce & Associates about one of their local projects, the new world headquarters for Advia Credit Union, that is being built on West Main, west of US 131, almost next door to the Meijer store. I don't live on the west side anymore but have been over there recently for vaccine shots and it's quite an impressive building that is going up.

(Byce & Associates via YouTube)

And after I looked at the video of the project, I noticed some other Byce projects, specifically, one that I wrote about in the past, but had forgotten about. It's The Creamery in the Edison neighborhood. That's the former Kalamazoo Creamery that was razed and a multi-purpose mixed use development has sprung up in its place on Portage Rd.

(Byce & Associates via YouTube)

After looking at that project, I found one that I hope I never see, at least not from the inside. That's a new Branch County Jail. But, in Comstock, there's a new Kalamazoo Humane Society.facility that's almost ready. And through everything, there's The Exchange Building on Michigan and Rose Street.

What it pointed out to me was, while this last year it felt like life just stopped, in fact, it really didn't. It may have paused in some cases, but here are four examples of brand spanking new buildings that have grown up in the past year plus.

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