Is it just me or have people become worse drivers than ever before.  Of course, there's the distracted driving which is a problem unto itself.  Then there seems to be more drivers that take unnecessary chances, don't use their turn signals anymore and basically don't know the rules of the road like what happens at a 4-way stop or don't camp out in the passing lane.

I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have seen cars that don't have their lights on when they should.  Well now, according to an article on, a bill is being introduced in the Michigan House that would mandate that drivers have their lights on in bad weather.  In fact, it goes further to mandate that headlights be on whenever the windshield wipers are activated.  Personally, our family keeps the headlights on all the time as a safety precaution.  Find out more about the proposed law by clicking HERE.


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